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 VBar "Blueline" 5.3 Express -04371 -Black color

thumbnail_Mikado-VBar Express-04371.png
VBar "Blueline" 5.3 Express -04371 -Black color
CODE: MIK-CU-04371

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Our price: 150.00
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Get rid of the flybar and go to an entire new dimension of flying! The VBar system is an electronic gyro system for three axes, including a tail rotor gyro.
  • new 5.3 Software for outstanding flight performance
  • easy start with programming assistent
  • VBar can be used in conjuction with one or two satellite receivers
  • Programming via PC/Control Panel


Dimensions Main unit 45,5 x 33,8 x 16 mm Gyrosensor 28,5 x 28,5 x 10 mm
Weight Main unit 15,9 g Gyrosensor 10,5 g


USB cable 1,8 m
Patch cable Patch cable for Standard Receiver
mounting pad yes
main unit yes
Gyrosensor yes
Manual -
Software -

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VBar "Blueline" 5.3 Express -04371 -Black color
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