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 Tattu 300mAh 2S 75C 7.6V Lipo Battery with JST-PHR Plug

Tattu 300mAh 2S 75C 7.6V Lipo Battery with JST-PHR Plug
CODE: TA-75C-300-2S1P-HV

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TATTU 300mAh 2S 75C 7.6V Lipo Battery Pack
Product no.: TA-75C-300-2S1P-HV

These Tattu 300mAh 2S Lipo batteries provide high quality, reliable power for your multirotor FPV from size 100 to 180. The 300mAh capacity gives you just enough power to fly your UAV and FPV flying fun. They are very compact in size and weight, perfect for small size UAV/FPV frames. These batteries are selling in very decent price so you can stock enought for you who day flying fun without too much pressure.It works best on EMAX Tinyhawk S (PH2), Sailfly X (XT30).

- Product Type:lipo battery pack
- Capacity: 300mAh
- Voltage: 7.6V
- Max Continuous Discharge: 75C (33.75 A)
- Max Burst Discharge: 150C (67.5 A)
- Weight:: 17 g
- Dimensions: 47 * 17 * 13mm (L * W * H)
- Wire Gauge: 22#
- Wire Length (C/D): 35mm /65mm
- Balance Connector Type: JST-XHR
- Discharge Plug: No

- Remarkable stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 300mAh.
- High discharge performance and high energy density.
- Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials

What you Get:
1 x TATTU 300mAh 2S1P 75C 7.6V Lipo Battery Pack

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