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 Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubrication Kit (30ml)

Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubrication Kit (30ml)
CODE: Lubrication_Kit

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Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubrication Kit (30ml)

The Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubrication Kit will help you maintain the bearings in your Scorpion brushless electric motor. Today's brushless motors, especially the helicopter motors, can be pretty hard on the bearings. In an average flight, the motor in a 450 size helicopter spins around almost a quarter million times! Without proper lubrication, the balls in the bearings can wear out quickly, leading to premature failure. At these speeds, the oil can get thrown out of the bearings in as little as 10-15 flights. Once the bearings loose their lubrication, they can heat up and wear out very quickly. A small drop placed on each bearing about once every 10-15 flights is enough to maintain proper lubrication to insure the longest possible life for your motor bearings.

The oil included in this kit contains everything necessary to keep your motor bearings in top condition. The specially designed oil not only lubricates, it also bonds to the metal parts, displaces moisture and prevents corrosion to extend the life of your motor bearings.

The oil is safe for use on Acrylics, Polyester, Nylon, Vinyl, Delrin, Teflon, Formica, Polyethylene and Polypropylene. It is also safe on most painted surfaces. There is no visible effect on Buna-N, Viton or Neoprene rubber products, so it is safe around most fuel lines, O-rings and other rubber products.

The Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubrication Kit contains a 30ml bottle of bearing lubricant, a leak-proof twist-on cap, and a needle point applicator (19.5mm in length, 1.3mm in diameter) with protective cover.

Weight including packaging

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