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 Kyosho Minium Piper Cherokee 2.4GHz, Readyset -Red -10751RS-R

Kyosho Minium Piper Cherokee 2.4GHz, Readyset -Red -10751RS-R

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Kyosho Product ID: 10751RS-R

From Kyosho, the maker of the original Minium, comes the next-generation Minium AD - one of the most technologically advanced yet easy-to-fly micro aircraft in the World. The Minium AD features the same incredibly lightweight construction and durability of the original Minium with the added benefit of a 4-channel 2.4 GHz transmitter, a more powerful motor, and the extra dimension of fully proportional ailerons. The new Minium AD now features the same full control of a full-size aircraft, with proportional throttle, elevator, rudder and ailerons - in the form of the ever-popular Piper Cherokee.

The newly developed Perfex KT-20 four-channel 2.4 GHz R/C system features a large LCD that displays battery voltage, digital trim positions, or control mode. The radio also features a built-in charger for the included Li-Po battery that powers the plane. Up to 25 Minium aircraft can be flown at the same time, and up to three aircraft can be linked to the same transmitter, which is also compatible with the new Caliber 120 micro heli. That means you can purchase a ready-to-fly airframe (Minium AD or Caliber 120) that's available without a transmitter to save the extra expense. Simply install four AA-size batteries in the transmitter and you have everything you need for an afternoon of flying.

The Minium AD has a wingspan of just 16 inches (410mm). With a high-power motor delivering 10% more power and a newly designed propeller as standard, this model can be flown outdoors (with light winds) as well as inside. And it is fully pre-assembled and fitted with an ultra-small control unit with built-in ESC, receiver, 3 servos, and pre-set linkages.

    The unique cambered wing type produces plenty of lift for stable flight control even in slow banking turns.
    The Minium AD features a separate motor and connector-type aileron servo for easy maintenance and replacement. An easily replaced prop shaft also allows quick repair in the event of a hard crash so you're airborne again in a matter of minutes.
    The 4-channel PERFEX KT-20 transmitter features a large LCD to display data for voltage, digital trim settings and control mode. The digital display also provides complete visibility of control settings and allows easy use of additional functions.
    A built-in battery charger is installed in the back of the transmitter. Just connect the Li-Po battery and charging commences until the charger shuts off automatically when the battery is fully charged. Charger function can be used while flying the plane so you can charge a spare battery (sold separately) at the same time.
    The KT-20 R/C system operates on world-standard ISM band, which scans the 75-wave spectrum to select a clear frequency for an extremely safe control system. Up to 25 Minium aircraft can be flown at the same time with the use of this technology, making channel conflicts a thing of the past.
    19-step digital trims allow precise adjustment of all channels. Trim values are displayed on the LCD for clear visibility and easy management of control settings.
    Completely assembled Readyset includes newly developed 4-channel 2.4GHz KT-20 radio control system and special Lithium Polymer battery pack. The transmitter can be registered to and used with a 2nd or even a 3rd airplane. Also, change the mode and the transmitter can be used with the MINIUM AD helicopter. *Cannot be used with 3-channel MINIUM airplanes.
    Two special servos are combined with ESC in a lightweight one-piece unit with an ultra lightweight aileron servo that adds just 1g.
    Equipped with 6mm Hyper Motor that delivers 10% more power than the previous motor in the 3-channel version.
    Increased thrust from the newly designed propeller.
    Transmitter features built-in quick battery charger that can be used while the aircraft is in flight.
    Selected flight style mode (Mode I or Mode II) is shown on the display.
    Transmitter features a built-in antenna that delivers more effective signal.
    Slow flight capability allows flight times of about 15 minutes with a fully charged battery.
    Transmitter can be used with other MINIUM AD series airplanes and helicopter.*Cannot be used with MINIUM 3-channel airplane series

ReadySet Contents:

    Factory assembled with r/c unit installed.
    4 Channel Perfex KT-20 with built in battery charger
    Minium AD Battery

 Required For Operation:

    Four AA-size alkaline batteries

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