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 Kyosho Minium CLIPPEDWING CUB 2.4GHz, Readyset -Red -10752RS-CR

Kyosho Minium CLIPPEDWING CUB 2.4GHz, Readyset -Red -10752RS-CR

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Kyosho Product ID: 10752RS-CR

The amazing MINIUM airplane that fits on the palm of your hand now features the same 4-channel functionality with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control as full-size airplanes. Also, a newly developed flat bottom main wing with reduced flex, controls wing tip stall and delivers extra flight stability. With the included high-power motor, this micro-size airplane produces amazingly powerful flight, even in wind. The fully assembled fuselage is fitted with an ultra-small control unit featuring built-in motor control amp, receiver and 3 servos within a form that accurately captures the realism of the original airplane with its stunning flash color scheme. Simply set the batteries and you¢re ready for takeoff! In addition, the newly developed 4-channel R/C system operates on 2.4GHz and automatically scans a 75 wave spectrum for open bands when it is switched on to provide a stable control system safe from radio interference that also allows up to 24 airplanes to flown at the same time. The result is slow flight and light maneuvers from a micro airplane for a flying experience like no other!

    Uses the same 4-channel control functions as large airplanes including ailerons to deliver the full range of airplane flying experiences.
    Features newly developed multifunction PERFEX KT20 4-channel R/C system. Switch between different flight modes and setting options.
    Fully pre-assembled and complete with color scheme and linkage setup. Simply set the battery and charge to complete pre-flight prep.
    Functions automatically once the transmitter has been registered to the receiver the first time. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment).Lightweight one-piece control unit features two special servos, receiver, and motor control amp, and combines with an ultra light aileron servo weighing just 1.5g.
    Equipped with 6mm ¡Hyper Motor¢ that delivers 10% more power than the previous motors used in the 3-channel MINIUM Airplane version.
    Increased thrust is generated from the newly designed (D95 X P75mm) propeller, included as standard.
    Choose your preferred control style with Mode 1 or Mode II. Selected mode is shown on the display.
    New design transmitter features built-in antenna that delivers more effective signal emission.
    Slow flight capability allows flight times of about 10 minutes with a fully charged battery. (Flight time may change depending on conditions).
    Transmitter can be used with other MINIUM AD series airplanes and helicopters. *Cannot be used with 3-channel MINIUM airplane series.

Readyset Contents:
    Fully assembled fuselage
    3.7V-70mAh lithium polymer battery pack
    PERFEX KT-20 2.4GHz 2-stick transmitter with digital trims (built-in charger)

Required for Operation:
    4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter
    Note) Oxyride batteries cannot be used.

Technical Data:
    Length 330mm
    Width 420mm
    Weight 30g (approx.)
    Motor 6mm Hyper Motor
    Wing Area 2.8dm2
    Wing Load 10.71g/dm2
    Wing Type Flat bottom type
    R/C System PERFEX KT-20 2.4GHz 4-channel MINIUM AD R/C system
    Propeller D95mm×P75mm
    Dihedral 4°
    Scale 1/20

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