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 Kontronik JIVE Pro 80+ HV -4630

Kontronik JIVE Pro 80+ HV -4630
CODE: KON-4630

Price: 349.00

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Order No. 4630

JIVE Pro 80+ HV - Leading technology, setting standards for the future!
  • 5-12 S LiPo, 16-50 V
  • 80 A continuous current
  • BEC 5-8 V
  • BEC 8 A continuous current
  • BEC 20 A peak current
  • 52 g without cable
  • 84 g with cable
  • Size without capacitor 62x33x16,5 mm
The new KONTRONIK JIVE Pro looks characteristically like the JIVEs you know and trust. As we all know, looks can be deceiving.
The JIVE Pro is based upon the KOSMIK processor with many new features, and a brand new chipset that will power you into the future.

The new BEC of the JIVE Pro can provide power to some of the most demanding servos available when running 8 V and up to 12 S batteries. Available in both 80 A and 120 A versions, the JIVE Pro offers programming for all types of models including airplanes, helicopters, boats and RC cars.

An exciting feature of the JIVE Pro is the addition of a module port that will allow it to accept and use all KOSMIK modules. For a logging function, the new LogTel module was develloped. It allows to have both functions, logging and telemetry, in one device. The original JIVE set industry standards with its outstanding RPM control and reliable performance.

Building upon this heritage, the JIVE Pro is the next evolution of perfection. With the ability to supply power at a speed that surpasses even the original JIVE, the RPM control provided by the new JIVE Pro will astound you.

The JIVE Pro is equipped with a new chipset, which provides a greater sensitivity to power demands and removes any noticeable head speed variability. With a new chipset, advanced algorithms, and the flexibility of the sensor port, the JIVE Pro becomes the new standard for all 80-120 A electronic speed controllers.

For Scale Helicopter Pilots, imagine being able to spool up to takeoff head speed over a full minute. Creating a new world of opportunity for scale pilots, the JIVE Pro will allow you to program your startup rate to a full 60 seconds. As the JIVE Pro will provide all helicopter features, there will be no continued need for a helicopter specific ESC such as the HELI JIVE.

The JIVE Pro will meet the demands of all types of aircraft, by simply activating the desired features and will become the new leader in the 80-120 A ESC market. Off course the new JIVE Pro ESCs include an integrated anti spark function.

Option Part:
Kontronik ProgUnit (SKU: 9311) to upgrade to the latest firmware.

What you Get:
1 x Kontronik JIVE Pro 80+ HV -Item 4630

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