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 How Fast

How Fast

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Version 2
How Fast
Model Aircraft Airspeed Instrument
A complete airspeed instrument for your model plane. Ever wonder "How Fast?". .

The How Fast is the simple, easy, and inexpensive way to measure your model's airpeed. It provides at-the-field readings right after your flight.

�Precision Instrument

- 15 to 500 MPH (24 to 800 KM/h) airspeed
- 1MPH (1KM/h) resolution
- User selectable English or metric output
- Uses the same differenial pressure sensing
method as full-scale aircraft
�A Complete Airspeed System
- No interface, computer, or additional equipment needed
- Includes Pitot and static probes that mount in the wing
- Tiny, lightweight (2.7 gram) circuit board
- Plugs into your receiver or any 3.2V to 12V battery

�Simple to Use

- Light Emitting Diode (LED) used for communication
- Cycle the power off and on, or wave your finger over the LED
to activate the maximum airspeed report
- Simply count the flashes: flash flash-flash flash-flash-flash = 123 MPH

�Compatible with the See How Display

- Optional See How display accessory adds convenience and capability.
- Capture up to 9 in-flight altitudes.
- 10 flight memory.

News! Check out customer Bret Becker's nifty video of his independent tests of the How Fast vs a radar gun. YouTube Link

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