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 GM Power Pack 3600 4N-3600 4,8V G2

GM Power Pack 3600 4N-3600 4,8V G2
CODE: 2490.4

Price: 24.90

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GM Power Pack 3600 4N-3600 4,8V G2
Order number 2490.4

Capacity 3.6 Ah*
Cell count 4
Voltage 4.8V
Weight approx. 268 g
Dimensions approx. 97 x 47 x 24 mm
Socket type G2
*Typical capacity at 1/10 C discharge rate. At discharge currents of 20 A and above the capacity of new batteries is around 10% lower than stated. The capacity of the pack is reduced with every charge / discharge cycle, and also by long periods of storage.

What's in the Box:
1 x GM Power Pack 3600 4N-3600 4,8V G2
1 x Manual

*GM Power-Pack 3600 batteries can deliver up to 40 A continuously

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