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 GAUI X5 FORMULA Kit with CF Rotor Blades -Item: 208052

GAUI X5 FORMULA Kit with CF Rotor Blades -Item: 208052
CODE: GAUI-208052

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1. New Formula version X5, stylish Black/Red anodized CNC parts.
2. New Low CG FORMULA FBL rotor head, Formula Rotor Head is 10mm lower than the
previous standard X5 Rotor head. Increase in flight characteristics of X5.
3. CNC Washout Arm centered on Main Rotor head allowed more precise 3D flight control by pilots.
4. Main blade grip adopts pilot selectable 3 holes design, making it easy to adjust for various flight control reaction to fit each pilot.
5. X Series laser logo with dual color artistic design.
6. 3K CF frame has anti-erosion, anti-thermal expansion, tensile characteristics.
7. Advanced new CNC Swash plate with light weight design.
8. Swash plate gap adjustment and anti-shedding steering linkage ball design.

Main Drive Gear 120T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear 61T
Motor Pinion Gear 13T ~ 16T 
Gear Ration 13T (E.M.T) 9.2 : 1 : 4.07 = 2195 rpm -208791
14T (E.M.T) 8.6 : 1 : 4.07 = 2349 rpm -208903
15T (E.M.T) 8.0 : 1 : 4.07 = 2525 rpm -208381
16T (E.M.T) 7.5 : 1 : 4.07 = 2693 rpm -208601
Pulley Shaft with Steel Gear 15T
Tail rotor speed 10960 rpm
Motor Recommend 6s Lipo
Scorpion HK-4020-910KV 

Scorpion HK4020 series 910KV for 16T Pinion Gear
or GAUI (GUEC GM-601)BL Motor (1820W-910kv) 

Motor Recommend 12s Lipo

BL Motor 460KV

Battery Recommend 6s1P 22.2V from 3800 ~ 4200mAh
ESC Recommennd 100A - 120A 6s Lipo -Kontronik, Scorpion
Servo Recommend GAUI GS501 & GS502 or MKS BLS950 & BLS990
Flybar Controller Recommend Mikado / Gaui, Spartan
Rotor Blades Recommend Halo, Edge, Gryphon, Gaui, Rotortech
Product   1x   GAUI X5 Formula Kit with Blades   -208052  

Open the Box to Find out

Rotor Blades   1x   X5 CF main blades (520L-CFA)   -208305  
Tail Blades   1x   X5 CF Tail Rotor Blade Set (82mm)   -208315  
Flybarless control   --            
Motor BL    --            
Motor pinion    --            
ESC    --            
Servos    --            
Canopy   1x   Fiberglass Airbrush canopy      
Manual   1x   Detailed Printed Manual        
Accessories   --            

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