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 FY602 Data Radio system and GCS only [UPGRADE 3]

FY602 Data Radio system and GCS only [UPGRADE 3]

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Upgrade 3 with FY602:

This Pack Contains a set of
2 x FY602 [433MHz] Data Radio hardware

FY3ZT Remote Adapter Board and Ground Control Software.
This upgrade package is specifically for those who are already flying the FY21AP+FYGPS.
Since the FY-OSD is also not offered, we assume you already have one or you have an existing OSD. With the FY-OSD, your battery voltage and mAh consumed will not be displayed by the GCS screen.

Package content:

• 7 x RC receiver connecting wires & plugs for FY3ZT Remote Adapter
• 1 x FY-3ZT Autopilot Remote Adapter
• 1 x USB Cable for computer;
2 x FY602 data link 433MHz, 500 mWatt, 10.000 km (long range);
• All the required wiring to complete the set-up.
• Latest FY-GCS Software downloaded

System Requirement (youll need these get the system going):
• Two RC Receivers to operate this system:
- One on board your aircraft (minimum 6 channels)
- One for ground station (minimum 7 channels)

Ground Station Set-Up:
Ground Station Equipment
(F3ZT Adaptor, FY602 data Radio x1 and USB Adaptor)
How to connect with your own Equipment

This Ground Control Station (GCS) hardware upgrade is geared towards existing owners of FY21AP+FYGPS.

All included hardware will upgrade your FY21AP+FYGPS for bi-directional digital communication between your aircraft and GCS computer.

Since the FY-OSD is not included, we assume you will be using your existing FY-OSD unit or other 3rd party OSDs. Without the FY-OSD, your battery voltage and mAH will not be shown on the GCS computer display.

ON BOARD SET-UP (All are option except the FY606 Data Radio (normal range 4KM):

On Board Equipment "for rc Model Aircraft"
FY-21AP Version 2.0, (option) FY-GPS Version 2.0 (option), FY-602 Data Radio (long range 10KM), and all cable for set-up

The FY602 [433Mhz] Data Radio system enables a bi-directional digital communication system between the FY21AP autopilot on board your plane and your ground control station (GCS) computer.

The major attribute to this Data Modem system includes:

• Display telemetry via FY-GCS on your computer screen (except battery voltage and mAh consumed as the FY-OSD is not included in this package;
• Download all flight parameters into your computer for instant playback;
• Instant play back of your flight route on Google Earth (GE) Map;
• Activation of auto circling by the click of your mouse anywhere on the displayed GE Map;
• Automated Return to Base in case of Data Link failure;

Ground Sation Control (GCS) display data on your computer
GCS Display Fata on your computer

The FY21AP GCS Edition is a great start to a whole new flying experience.

To Fully understand how the system works, you'll need to read through the following manuals:

Download Manual: FY21AP.PDF

Download Manual: FY21AP-GCS Upgrade.PDF

For Latest Version of GCS Software, contact NEM

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