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 FeiYu-Tech Hornet OSD set

FeiYu-Tech Hornet OSD set

Price: 110.00

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Brief Introduction

The Hornet- OSD overlays flight telemetry information onto your video image. The telemetry information displayed includes flight altitude, flight speed, flight direction, and home direction and so on. You also can save the telemetry information to a MICRO SD card (you should buy the card by yourself, for we donĘt offer it), then realizing trace playback via FYGCS. The Hornet-OSD can be connected to the FY-21AP, FY-31APand FY-3ZT systems to display autopilot telemetric data, or to a GPS receiver to display positioning data.

Hornet-OSD automatically adapts to either PAL or NTSC video input and confirms if there is a MICRO SD card or not. The adaptive processes are within about 20 seconds.

Once the input video is detected even if there is interruption to the video signal, the telemetry data of the Hornet- OSD will continue to be transmitted via the video stream.


Hornet-OSD can directly connect to the data output port of FY-21AP, FY-31AP or FY-3ZT, or separately connect to the output port of GPS module, and then overlay the flight data information to the video signal. The application figure is shown as below.

(Note: The modules in the imaginary line frame means that you can choose any one of these modules to connect )

Display Modes

The OSD can be controlled to show different display information via one spare channel of your radio Rx. There are 5 optional display modes controlled by the different PWM signals. You can use default mode if you do not want to change the display modes.(the 5 modes separately are as following: A. All Information Displayed; B. Partial Display with Artificial Horizon; C.Radar Positioning Function; D.Brief Mode; E.Remove All Information) The modes are shown as below:

Telemetry Data

The Hornet OSD has the following Telemetry Data

What you Get


1 x FeiYu-Tech Hornet OSD
1 x Current Sensor 100A
1 x Set Cables with connectors
1 x T-Plug Connector (pair)
1 x Manual
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