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 Brushless Motor 4114-390KV Built-in ESC 40A OPTO ESC (BL-Heli)

Brushless Motor 4114-390KV Built-in ESC 40A OPTO ESC (BL-Heli)
CODE: RMBL-4114-390-40ESC

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Brushless Motor with ESC 2:1 system
[NEM BL Motor with On-board 40A ESC high Efficiency Best for Professional Multi Rotors]

A real innovative creation to solve the New Technology (2:1) Brushless Motor with ESC in one device. All in One Motor with Built-in ESC 40A OPTO powered  by BL-HELI firmware.


  • Integrated Motor with ESC 2:1
  • Less Interferences
  • Low Vibration
  • Less Operating Noise
  • More efficient with NdFeB High Temperature rated magnets
  • Bearings long life NMB
  • Stator made with 0.2mm Silicon Steel laminate, best result for Current Loss
  • Best Cooling of ESC
  • Built-in Reversing Switch for rotation

Brushless Motor: ZTW-NEM 4114-390KV
ESC: Built-in 40A OPTO (continuous current)
Motor Resistance: 0.15Ω
ESC Resistance: 0.002Ω
Input Voltage: 3~6S (11.1~22.2V)
Idle Current: 0.1A
Max Watts: 525W
Structure: 24N22P
Stator Size: 40.6 x 14mm
Rotor Diameter: 47mm
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Servo Plug: JR type
Servo Lead Length: 600mm
Power Cable Length: 600mm

NEM new series Brushless Motors with Integrated ESC (40A Opto BL-Heli One shoot 125 (firmware)) made especially for MultiRotors Flyers and RC Planes.
Provide you Smooth Operation, Resistance to High Temperature up to 150° (for Magnets) and 200° (for Wiring)
It is one of your BEST choice
CNC Machined Alumium Alloy
Best Balance for DRUM
Dual Ball Bearings
Electro-Coat Finished Motor Casing
Type KV-RPM Prop Size ESC Watt Weight
NEM-4114 390 13~18" 6s-Lipo 525 200g

What's in the Box:
1 x NEM 4141-390KV BL Motor with integrated 40A OPTO ESC
1 x Prop Adaptor for CW and CCW set (suitable for T-Motors Props)

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CODE: SII-2215-900KV
Scorpion SII-3020-1110KV (V2)
CODE: SII-3020-1110KV
Scorpion SII-3020-780KV Motor (V2)
CODE: SII-3020-780KV
Scorpion SII-3032-690KV (V2)
CODE: SII-3032-690KV
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Price: 107.88€

Price: 107.88€

Price: 131.50€

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Scorpion SII-3032-880KV (V2)
CODE: SII-3032-880KV
Scorpion SII-3032-990KV (V2)
CODE: SII-3032-990KV
Scorpion Z-1410-8500KV
CODE: Z_1410_8500
Turbax Conversion Kit w/ HK4035-800
CODE: HK-4035-800TCK
Price: 131.50€

Price: 97.96€

Price: 34.90€

Price: 190.00€

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