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 AW YAMA (v1, v2)
AW Yama Parts for V1 and V2 version


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thumbnail_Differential Protection Under Chassis.jpg


thumbnail_Strengthen Support Connect Engine With Chassis.jpg

thumbnail_L-R protection.jpg
Differential Protection Under Chassis
CODE: XRC.611017
Driving Shaft Protection
CODE: XRC.620015
Strengthen Support Connect Engine With Chassis
CODE: XRC.614002
L/R Protection -2pcs
CODE: XRC.611011/611012
Price: 0.60

Price: 0.90

Price: 2.00

Price: 2.20

thumbnail_center support.jpg


thumbnail_front Hub with bearings.jpg

Center Support
CODE: XRC.611010
Front Suspension Arm Top
CODE: XRC.612006
Front Hub with Bearings
CODE: XRC.612005
Front Suspension Arm Lower
CODE: XRC.612007
Price: 2.30

Price: 5.00

Out of stock

Price: 5.90

Out of stock

Price: 7.50

Servo Saver Complete
CODE: XRC.614003.04.05
Price: 7.50




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